Amazing Features

App available

Access to Lindi from your Android phone anywhere, IOs version is on development, soon will be available!

Pictures control

We review every picture uploaded and discard any kind of sexuality or pornography, pictures and profiles will be rejected and blocked

Rating system

Sometimes life is not just white or black, so why not allow others to rate your pictures? It's funny, it's Lindi!!

Worldwide available

It doesn't matter where you live in London, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sydney, Melbourne, Houston, Philadelphia, Perth, Phoenix..., you could chat, vote and have a date with people around you

Instagram connected

Use your instagram account to access Lindi app and share your favourite pictures. Let others rate them!

Privacy control

Don't want to be contacted by anyone? No problem, just deactivate it.. want to be contacted only by those who rated you as a 9 or higgher? You can!

Rich messaging system

Sometimes typing text is boring, use our new rich chat system and send pictures, giphies and voice messages!

Start using Lindiapp now and...

» Tired of Tinder ® or Badoo ® ads, do you want to try a completely free alternative to Tinder ® and Badoo ®, that's LindiApp, 100% free app, without ads and with full access to all funcionalities.

» Find your partner, your love, best friend or just a hook up, please be polite, show your best look but there is no need to show you how you came to the world. It's much nicer to show your best smile than any other part of your body. We review every picture uploaded and will be automatically rejected and your profile blocked...

» Report any fake profile or fake picturesThere is someone real out there waiting for you

» Avoid any obscene message or attitude, we are encouraged to abort any attempt of bullying, disparagement or aggressive attitudes. Any profile being reported will be automatically blocked, with no excuses

» Protect your privacy, don't share any personal information, account numbers, addresses, personal email, phone number,... Help us to keep your profile protected and safe

» Enjoy the app, it's completely free, no ads at all and get a one year free premium account, we are not asking you about any payment information just! We are a 100% free app

» Avoid fraud, never reveal any confidential information or accept anything from the others.

» If you are under 18 or under 21 in the USA, don't use the app! It makes no sense to fake your age :(

Access directly from the web. Free registration and login with your facebook account or your personal email


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some doubts? Let's try to solve all them!

You can register into the app using your facebook account, your instagram account or using your email, in the last case, you will have to verify your account before using it...
Everything! There is no payment features at the moment, you can enable/disable all settings at any moment.
Yes, you must have at least one picture in your profile, don't be shy please and besides the picture tell others about you and what kind of person you would like to find
Main difference is that it is totally free and without ads, it will remain totally free for a long time, another difference is the new voting system and rich chat system, funnier and with greater control who can and cannot write you. Download it and try it, it's a free alternative to Tinder & reg and Badoo & reg; and it's funnier!
Any suggestion or issue reporting is welcomed, we want to improve the app as quick as possible. You can send us your comments directly from the app or contacting us at: